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Second City Level B (three classes left)

Last week I missed class because I was sick, but this week was awesome. 

After regular warm ups we played scenes where we were only allowed to use statements which I will say, it is alarmingly difficult to avoid asking questions when you’re a waitress… but is a great way to build a character you wouldn’t normally pull out.

We also started to work on status. Which has nothing to do with economic factors, but is purely based on social interaction. So in the same way there are leaders and followers there are alpha’s and beta’s and low status can be insecurities and self consciousness, and high status can be over confidence and indignation to your lessers.

Status is important for building character which is what Level C is going to start to have us do which I’m REALLY excited for. 

Three more weeks of Level B and then on to Level C! I love the friend’s I’ve made at improv and we’re all trying to stick together through the levels so I’m pumped to do more scenes with these people! fuck improv is fun!

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