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andy is A+ husband material

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get to know me meme → 5 episodes that make me happy [2/5] • the fight (parks and rec 3x13)

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So, in summation…


So, in summation…

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Now you know.


Now you know.

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i think your edit literally made my week

Thanks! Me too. I’m so happy that my obscure knowledge about Parks and Recreation has actually led to something so cool! haha I still kind of can’t believe it. I’d be more star struck but he is just the chillest guy. Not at all stern or cold like Swanson, he giggled so much (the same Ron giggle you hear every so often on the show!) That part was surreal.

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Today I met Nick Offerman/Ron Swanson

We spoke twice. 

He walked past me and said excuse me and I said, of course. (playing it super cool).

Then he was trying to remember the three album names of Duke Silver. He got 2/3 and I gave him the third.

He said that I was the number 3 person in the room.

It was hilarious.

Everyone laughed.

Even him.

Nick Offerman and I have great rapport. 

just sayin.

**edit: after he said that I winked and did a gun motion with my fingers at him and he did it back. i don’t know why i did it but im glad i did**

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Next Saturday I’ll be attending an intimate Q&A with Nick Offerman

I’m so excited but also kind of losing it.

What do I ask him?!

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Harris Wittels, everyone. Also, Artificial Insemination prevents STDs!

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"Ben and I both did some amazing things today. He scored a victory for the congressional campaign he’s working on and I was mistaken for Beverley D’Angelo by a Japanese tourist. So, pretty big day for both of us."
- - Leslie Knope

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Preview clip for Ms. Knope goes to Washington

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